Glass pendant with bluish green hand drawn mandala

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Handmade glass pendant handcrafted. I hand drawn the mandala, without using templates or patterns, so each one is different.

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Tibetan monks create specular sand mandalas. They invest days on its creation, and once they finish it, they destroy it. The important thing is not the result, but the way.

The Mandala collection is my own interpretation of this Tibetan ritual. My mandalas are made of American Bullseye artistic glass. The mandala drawing is handmade, and therefore you will never find two alike. Once I finish the drawing, the piece goes through a fusing process. Fusing consists on melting the glass in a special kiln. As a conseguence the glass layers and the pattern merges into a single piece. Drawing is embedded forever, so it does not fade or lose intensity over time.

It is a piece of art made jewel, unique and unrepeatable.

The medallion measures 5.5cm x 5.5cm. The cord is made of suede, and its length can be adjusted tin order to wear it long or short.


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