White artisanal glass ring – ONE collection

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This amazing glass ring is part of ONE collection. I handmade it in an artisanal way.

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Rings from ONE collection are simple and elegant. They are unique and handmade pieces that attract attention both for their design and for their size, but without sacrificing comfort.

This ring is made of Bullseye artistic glass, one of my favorite brands for the wide range of colors they offer. The two layers of glass that make up the ring are fused together using a special kiln for high-temperature glass. The glass piece measures 3cm x 2cm.

The ring base is adjustable so it can be adapted to any finger size. It is also robust so it does not move once placed on the finger. The base is made of pewter (metal alloy) and silver plated to make it look beautiful and allergy-free.

I like to take care of the details, that is why you will receive your ring in a beautiful kraft paper box. If it is a gift and you want it to include a personalized note, please indicate it on the purchase form.

At Cuques de Llum we are committed with quality and local commerce. That is why I work with the highest quality materials, and manufactured here.


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