Meráki collection arrives

Meráki is a Greek word that has no translation. It means putting your soul in what you do, leaving a piece of yourself in your work. It is with this spirit that the Meráki collection was born. A Meráki piece is a handcrafted piece, made with my own hands by fusing Murano glass and silver.

You are the protagonist at this collection. You can buy the finished piece in the store area, or live the Meráki experience, what does it consist of? Very simple, the Meráki experience invites you to participate in your piece:

1) The first step is to buy the Meráki experience. You can buy it by clicking here.

2) I will send you and email in less than 24 hours in order to show you all the Murano glass stones that I have. There are many to choose from !!

3) After this you can choose if you prefer a ring or pendant, do not worry since both have the same price. The ring can be adjusted, so you do not worry about the size

4) I will start working on your piece leaving a piece of my soul on it. When I have it ready I will notify you and I will send it to you by courier. You will enjoy an exclusive piece of silver and Murano glass!

Meráki is the ideal gift! You can give the Meráki experience to whoever you want. The person who receives the gift will choose his stone and his piece (ring / pendant) … For sure it will be a successful gift!

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